Welcome to A Year In The Word.  Our goal for this website, is to create a resource that will help you spend time and learn from the Bible.  There will be video content, resources and a Bible reading plan that will update weekly. 

We believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, inspired by God Himself through human authors. What we find is that it's a love story between Creator God and His creation, mankind.  It’s full of highs and lows as we see good and evil ever so prevalent; yet through it all we see God constantly reaching back out to us, humanity, in order to have a relationship with us.  

We could spend the next 10 years going through the entire Bible and that would be great. However, we aren’t guaranteed another 10 years.  So, we are going to take a 30,000ft view and look at themes from each book of the Bible - from Genesis to Revelation - and we think you’ll see what an amazing love story it really is.  

Each week there will be reading homework for the upcoming weekend.  You will find those readings here on this site. Our prayer is that by year-end, you personally will have read through the entire bible and spent time listening to sermons about what you just studied.  It’s a lofty goal, but one that we believe God will guide us through.  

Here is the schedule for the readings for the first 7 weeks as we travel through the TORAH (The first 5 books of the Bible). 


WK 1 -  Jan 6-12th       -     Genesis 1-10

WK 2 - Jan 13-19th      -     Genesis 11-36

WK 3 - Jan 20-26th    -     Genesis 37-50

WK 4 - Feb 3-9th        -     Exodus

WK 5 - Feb 10-16th     -     Leviticus

WK 6 - Feb 17-23rd    -     Numbers

WK 7 - Mar - 2-8         -     Deuteronomy


Overview of this series
Genesis 1-10
Genesis 11-36
Genesis 1-11 - The Gospel Project
Genesis 11-36 NOTES
Noah teaching from 9/1/19
Hebrews 7
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